Gathered expertise.

CDE gathers global expertise in several disciplines such as human factors, control room designers, technical experts, inventors and architects. We leverage this expertise to provide state-of-the art control rooms and new inventions. CDE understands that most companies are finding it harder and harder to attract the right candidates into their control room environments, what better way to do this than to demonstrate that, as a company, you have all your employees’ well-being at the forefront of your operations.

CDE’s mission is to help businesses increase understanding of how their new operation center or control room should be designed for optimum long term performance and  how to realize that vision.

Founding team has spent over 30 years designing and innovating critical control room environments. Our experience means we can assist clients and architects with the development of flexible designs and layout services aimed at future proofing control rooms to maximise efficiency and the well-being of those using the facilities.

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