Gathered expertise.

CDE gathers global expertise in several disciplines such as human factors, control room designers, technical experts, inventors and architects. We leverage this expertise to provide state-of-the art control rooms and new inventions. CDE understands that most companies are finding it harder and harder to attract the right candidates into their control room environments, what better way to do this than to demonstrate that, as a company, you have all your employees’ well-being at the forefront of your operations.

CDE’s mission is to help businesses increase understanding of how their new operation center or control room should be designed for optimum long term performance and  how to realize that vision.

CDE stands for Creative Design Environment. We want to revolutionize the way we work by creating innovative solutions for a healthier and more productive workplaces in critical industries.

We believe that the environment in which we work plays a crucial role in our well-being and performance, and that's why we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that enhance the microenvironment and technical efficiency around workstations.

Our mission is to empower organizations to create safer, more inclusive, and highly efficient work environments. By enabling control of microenvironment of workplaces we enable businesses to proactively manage and improve the well-being of their employees, reducing work-related stress, fatigue, and potential health issues. The result is a workforce that is healthier, more engaged, and  less fatigue.

With our commitment to innovation and continuous research, we strive to stay at the forefront of development and global delivery of control rooms. Our team of experts brings together extensive knowledge in ergonomics, technology, anddesign to deliver solutions that surpass industry standards. CDE is headquartered in Sandhult, Sweden where we have our research area. Here we welcome visits and researcher from all over the world.

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