Innovating high-end workplaces

CDE offers a wide range of services within industries that requires the best ergonomic conditions.


CDE is specialised towards innovating high-end workstations and for creating safer work environments and healthier operators. Most noteworthy is the innovation Wellier providing a “Microenvironment as a Service”.

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Pre-study design.

CDE and its founding team have vast experience with control room design and development and have changed the standards for how control rooms should be built – globally. Let us help you in designing your future control room.

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Technical integration.

We enable operators see all relevant information via a seamless operator interface.
Our systems use a single keyboard independent of control systems and network topology to create an integrated solution for more efficient work.

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High-end desk development.

We help customers with unique and tailormade desks made for state-of-art control rooms.
Designs that put human ergonomics first with scalable manufacturing via our sister company Dee Production AB.

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Design services

How do you want your next high-end work environment to look? Contact us and we will help you